Wednesday, April 15, 2009


(thanks to It's a Schmitty Life for the image)

If you want to do something meaningful in honor of sweet Maddie, see Lotus for many bits of info from all over the place all handily compiled in one place. Maybe sponsor Lotus' walk team while you are there. All the money goes to March of Dimes, Maddie's favorite charity.

Or help Maddie's parents:


  1. My heart goes out to Maddie's family and friends. It's been amazing seeing the outpouring of support online.

  2. I'm with Momisodes; it's so amazing to see such a great outpour of support.

    March of Dimes is such a magnificent organization too! Kudos to you for bringing them more recognition!

  3. I was so sad to read about Maddie...such a darling little girl.

  4. I found out about Maddie via Matt Logelin's blog. so so sad. My heart goes out to her family and friends.

  5. Again I am reminded of how very lucky I am. Thank you for that remider Maggie.


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