Friday, May 15, 2009

Haiku Friday 5/15/09

Haiku Friday


Such a simple touch
can transform our next new home
to feel like our last.

Clean white faux wood blinds
visual equivalent
to fresh linens smell.

Substantial yet plain
like yummy tasting shortbread
minus the crunch sound.


  1. Beautiful photos to go with a great 'Ku!

  2. man, you do these well! what an exquisite view of blinds...

  3. Lovely 'Ku, as always. You ARE the Mistress of 'Ku. and great photos, as well.

  4. LOVE the photos--feel like I'm looking at an issue of Martha Stewart, and I mean that as a compliment. :) the poem is great--especially the last line

  5. I'll never look at blinds the same again...(Hugs)Indigo

  6. How did you manage to make blinds look sexy? Great pictures and haiku.

  7. A haiku about a new home. How awesome. Can't wait for mine ;-)


  8. I've missed your posts. Especially your Haiku's!

    I ADORE faux wood blinds. You said it well. They really can transform and lighten a room. We've been looking into swapping out our roll up shades with them :)

  9. Ooh, I love this one! Fantastic metaphors!
    And congrats on finding a new place so quickly.

    I rented in a place that said cats had to be declawed but they didn't ever check it and I refused to do it, I just never told them that. Fortunately Rex usually did his scratch thing on the carpet so there was no way they could know he had claws.

  10. Love the photos, and the 'ku!!

    I hope this is your last move for a LONG time.

  11. oh who new a haiku about blinds could sound so clean and delicious simultaneously!


  12. As much as a pain in the arse that moving is, it's somehow like a blank canvas isn't it?

  13. Oh how very perfect! On the 14th I went and bought 4 more faux wood blinds to finish the windows in the new rooms upstairs - Parker's bedroom, the landing and the kids' bathroom. Mikaela's room already had them - put up Feb 08 and although I wasn't sure how I would like them, I've grown to love them, so went with the same thing for the rest of the upstairs rooms.

    I'm hoping this means that you bought these blinds for the house you are now moving out of, but they will fit in the windows of the place you are moving into? I'm hoping so - they aren't wicked expensive, but they aren't cheap either!

  14. I love my faux wood blinds too! SO much better than the plastic.


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