Friday, May 22, 2009

Haiku Friday 5/22/09

Haiku Friday

been such a long week
cat pee issue not as bad
we move in today

shouldn't be so hard
for folks to do the right thing
where pee is involved

out of energy
to fight it any further
and out of time, too

prob'ly this is good
even if just good enough
at least i hope so

ready to be done
and stop moving all our stuff
just when we've unpacked

hoping for the best
while also fearing the worst
trying not to care

not a witty 'ku
just don't have it in me now
cat pee bad for brain


  1. Still better than mine! LOL

    Happy Friday to you...

  2. well, cat pee bad for brain just cracked me up!!!!! have a good move and a happy weekend!

  3. (Chuckling) Cat pee is a harsh ammonia that is known to kill brain cells. I still found this hilarious dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo

  4. So glad the pee wasn't as bad as you anticipated.

    Hope EVERYTHING goes quickly and smoothly while moving in today!

  5. Happy Friday - and a nice long weekend to you.

  6. Cat pee, dog pee - oh my, oh me - know how you feel!

  7. Kudos to you Maggie for trying to find the positive "cat pee issue not as bad", because honestly, cat pee is cat pee - it's sorta like being dead, or pregnant. You are, or you aren't! :-) Little cat pee, lots of cat pee - all pretty much the same - smelly, smelly cat pee which is damn near impossible to get rid of!

    As for not being a witty haiku - it is still about a thousand times better than I could do! :-)

    And oh, yeah, cat pee had got to be bad for the brain in SO many ways! :-)


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