Thursday, May 14, 2009

Humane Humans Need Not Apply

While waiting to hear about the place we were hoping to rent since we are moving yet again, I was keeping my eyes open for other places to live. Honestly, there were very few that were in our price range and where we wanted to be, but there was one other that looked like a possibility, so I called.

The ad said that pets were welcome, but within a couple of minutes of talking to the landlord, it was clear that while they might maybe possibly consider the idea of maybe considering an application from one who owns pets, they'd really prefer not to rent to someone with pets. It would have been helpful if the ad had just said something like, I dunno, maybe "no pets"? The guy also went on and on and on and onandon about having to clean up dog pee and shampoo the carpets 9 times (apparently instead of replacing them, which is what he should do if they still smell), even though I kept trying to cut to the chase to say that I have (well-behaved-ish) cats. In the end I found out the two following rules that I think both suck eggs (and which, again, would be unnecessary if they just flat out went with no pets, which seems fair enough for a landlord to say, instead of looking like a huge asshat):
  1. For dogs, "no mutts." No mixed breeds allowed. Pure breeds only. The reason, he said, is that "you can't tell if there could be some Pit[bull] in there." So, basically, almost anyone who does a good thing by providing a typically mutt kind of shelter dog another chance at a good life can't live there, even if it's like a Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier mix, or some other very obviously tiny and harmless mix. It's one thing to restrict certain breeds for size or safety concerns (though, even then, the owners play a huge role - I've met some very darling and sweet Pitbulls), but a blanket rule about "mutts" is over the top, ignorant, stupid and generally not the kind of place I want to live.
  2. For cats, even if you provide appropriate materials for scratching, and even if you (presumably since we didn't get that far) pay a deposit, you must have your cat's paws basically amputated at what would be the equivalent to the last knuckle of your finger, also known as declawing (something I feel strongly about, as does the Humane Society of the United States). Imagine walking around on those feet for the rest of your life. Ouch! It's cruel and inhumane and illegal in many countries, just not here in the States. There are so many alternatives, like knowing how to properly trim your cats claws or just outsmarting your cat with alternatives.
While I didn't bother sharing my views on either topic, since you can't cure stupid and since the guy would just have kept frothing at the mouth about how he can't even enjoy the sight of the little neighbor boy walking his dog that "looks like George Bush's dog" because of having to shampoo carpet that he really should be replacing instead, I did say to him that I would not be declawing my cats, and that if it was going to be a dealbreaker, then it was a dealbreaker. And it was. Which is fine with me.

Luckily, the original place we were hoping to get did come through *insert huge sigh of relief*, and our lease will start this Friday, though the major part of our move won't be until next Friday (which is still pretty damn quick - 12 days from finding out we were moving!). I'm OK with this since the new place is located near where we are and will allow me to procure a washer, dryer and fridge (eek! buying used) so that it's livable by next week. I'll also get to go over there with some of those loose end type items that are a pain in the ass to pack as well as a few boxes here and there to get some of the boxes out of my hair here, which is awesome because the cats, um, always scratch the hell out of the boxes when we are moving (which might kind of be inappropriate but not worth mutilation).

Hug your kitties today. Doggies, too. Or whatever pets. And think happy packing thoughts for me, which is what I should be doing instead of blogging.


  1. For serious? He said all of that? That's so crazy! Good for you for not getting involved with someone so horrible!

    And I'm glad you found somewhere to live, and that it didn't end up being a huge huge drama! :)

  2. I'm so anti declawing, I'll sacrifice my furniture for the right of my cats to keep their feet intact.

    Sorry to hear you're moving again, that sucks! Good luck!

  3. My cats are definitely more well-behaved then many of the humans I know. Sorry you encountered such stupidity.

  4. I keep thinking of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans sing "Happy Trails to You".

  5. Wow 3 moves within 6 months. I pulled that off in a year and only because I kept freaking breaking up with a great guy moving out and moving back in (Brainless I know).

    As for the guy with the no mutts, declaw your cat renting policy. I'm not so sure I could avoid giving him a piece of my mind.

    Thankfully you got a place you wanted and hopefully can stay in for awhile. (Hugs)Indigo

  6. That bites! Good luck on the move (again).

    Honestly though I wanted to say that I have had two cats declawed. Not because I'm a mean spiteful animal hater but because I wanted to not have to repaint my walls every month. She was scratching paint off of my walls (not anything I could do about it other than declaw). Not everyone who does this is a horrible person. My kitty is very loved but if she hadn't been declawed (front only)she would still be costing us TONS of $$$ for paint and ruining our furniture. Then she would have to be given to a shelter or to someone else. Just throwing my two cents in even though you didn't ask...

  7. It's all good. I have a family member who has a declawed cat for similar reasons. I'm opposed, and I definitely wouldn't do it for the sake of an apartment, and I do think some are unaware of what's really involved (thinking of it more like a trimming than... well, the rest), so I do like to put it out there, but I completely get it that sometimes choices need to be made and that a kitty in a loving home is important.

  8. Definitely something wrong with that guy!
    This reminds me - I need to get my carpets cleaned.

  9. That is absolutely ridiculous. Why did they not just say "No Pets"?? I never understand the stupidity of some people.

    I'm so glad that the other place worked out though!! Hopefully it becomes "Home" quickly and you don't have move again for a VERY long time.

  10. happy happy moving/packing thoughts to you! so glad you got that first place, that other guy was a complete idiot! why doesn't he just say:

    pets allowed **********
    asterisk asterisk asterisk

  11. SO glad you have settled on a place, but good grief, that's a quick move!

    I'm with you on the declawing thing - 100%. I call our furniture 'soft sculpture', since that's what the cats do to it - sculpture it. Declawing is well and truely inhumane - I don't think many people who have it done to their cat really understand WHAT they do, and HOW they do it. Gives me the willies just thinking about it. Saw a cat this past January that 'lives' in a hotel where we stayed. It had those plastic claw cover thingies, and the front desk personnel said they worked great. Nothing got clawed up, but he had a grand time attempting to. Apparently they stay on pretty well too. When we buy new furniture for our great room in a few years, I think I might try them on our cats. The newest addition, the stray-now-nuetered-male-and-all-shots-up-to-date "Rex" uses the rugs - I'm good with that because he doesn't seem to be causing any damage. Also, we used a 'Friends of Animals' certificate to neuter him, and it emphatically states you can't use it if you intend to have the cat de-clawed. I worked with an idiot years ago who had both front and back feet declawed, and he would let the cat outside. What a freakin' idiot. I told him so using even less friendly words.

    Finally, I have always wanted to move to some place - town, apartment, whatever - that does not allow 'pit bulls' and move in with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Then tell the town officials/apartment manager to shove it up their ass because the AKC registration papers PROVE it is a Staffodshire Bull Terrier, not a 'pit bull'. But I'm snarky like that. :-)

  12. Moron.

    I'm glad the place came through for you! If you have some sort of scratch and dent store near you, check there for appliances. I paid $100 for a fridge several years ago because it had a huge scratch on the side. The side that went against the wall. Who cares?

  13. Maybe him should be de-nailed to see what it feels like.


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