Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

It's not about the start of summer,
not about ribs on the grill for the barbecue,
nor the pools that will open
or the splashing, diving or dunking in days to come,
and it's not about the old school fashion calendar
heralding the change over and permission to wear white sandals
(as if anyone under 40 follows this anymore).

It's more about about those who miss someone today
a spouse or child or parent or sibling or friend
who is dead
in the name of service to others
(stop, pause, imagine, feel, connect, let your heart appreciate the magnitude)
loved ones, literally ones who are/were loved,
unable to attend the party
or take a dip in the pool
or worry about fashion don'ts
because of sacrifice,
giving their lives for our way of life.

Today I'll celebrate
the things I love most
about the American way of life
but I remember not to forget
that the cliche is true,
that freedom isn't free,
and that many someones grieve today
for what they've lost
to pay for what we've got.

It's memorial day.
Let's remember.


  1. Beautiful.

    I think too many of us think of this day as a frivolous day off of work for beer and BBQ. Thanks for the perspective today!

  2. Well said, Maggie. "Lest we forget."

  3. That was beautiful Maggie, thank you!

  4. So very well said Maggie. Thank you for reminding us all about the importance of this day. I'm going to re-read this on Saturday as well - the 'real' Memorial Day.


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