Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Too Tired to Title This Update of Sorts

The new place should be OK overall, and we now own a fridge (I'd prefer not to own one and just have it as part of renting, but I'm not getting much of what I'd prefer of late). Unfortunately the place smells like cat pee. The landlord doesn't smell it. Probably related to the nine million air fresheners that were there. Thankfully, the black light fluoresced to show that I wasn't nuts (shows pee, among other delights - sometimes you just don't want to know), but he's only inclined to help to a small degree, so I'll be spending more money than I particularly care to spend to hopefully take care of the problem because the thought of what my cats would do to a carpet that already smells like cat pee is something I'd really rather not experience or even consider. It's worth the cost, even if he won't reimburse, which he might not, though maybe I'll get lucky.

The faux wood blinds I want so badly that I haiku'd about them are not likely to be because our window sizes just make them too expensive to spend ($90 for the 2 windows I have in mind), especially considering our track record of late for frequency of moves. Maybe if we are still there when I come back from Japan and if it looks at that point like we are staying for awhile.

Also, my whole tooth/teeth issue that seemed pretty alright at first may not be as alright as I'd like because now one side is sensitive on top and the other side is sensitive on the bottom, which doesn't really leave a side to enjoy foods that are either hot or cold. I'll give it a little time since sometimes it takes time, but I might not be done. I'd rather just be done.

On a happy note because whining is annoying, packing this time is going really well because I've basically stopped doing any packing, which rocks. I'm just grabbing a bunch of whatever and taking things over in canvas grocery bags since it's not very far away. Even fragile stuff has been fine since it's just me in my car instead of a bunch of people and stuff going in trucks and getting knocked around or stacked. My goal is to have mostly just the heavy book boxes and furniture type items when the "real" move happens this Friday. My kitchen at the new place is already about 90% ready to cook.

Now I think I just need to test out the new fridge with some cold beers just to make sure it's working properly. Or at least test the ice cube maker by making an iced coffee.


  1. when we moved into the house we're living in now, we too had access to it freely, and i took car loads at a time, then the cupboards, clothes etc and only fetched more when they were sorted. that's the best way to move!

  2. Awesome that the moving part of the move is going so well - that's great news! Stink about the other stuff, but I guess you take the good with the bad?

  3. Hmmm, I hope you're still going to want to be there when you come back from Japan, because that would mean you've finally found the right place. After all you've been through lately, that's the least one could wish for!

  4. Got to make sure you can keep the beer cold. I'm just sayin'.

  5. Hopefully once you get settled in that will be it for awhile. Nothing is worse than cat urine smell. More so because if they pissed all over the place they were either sick or not fixed, which will indeed drive your cats nuts.

    I think the landlord should be responsible for the bill. But you take what you can get. I'm hoping ou get this done and can relax before Japan for a while. (Hugs)Indigo

  6. I'd definitely want a beer after all those moves!! That's so awful about the cat pee--my cat would go nuts over that too.

  7. Sounds like you have things in order. I hope everything goes smoothly.

    A nice ice, cold beer is definitely in order.

  8. Sometimes life is so not fun.
    Are the teeth that are hurting the ones you just had repaired? If so, they probably just need adjusting. Your fillings might be "high" or something.

    Good luck with the cat pee.

  9. ugh. cat pee. yuck. i hope they end up paying for it, that's not right! i love me some faux wood blinds, we have them everywhere here! i hope you get to experience the joy!
    glad you're in the new place though! (i'm a little late in commenting!)

  10. Aw, Maggie. :-( This is one of those times when you must feel just plain dumped on by everything. Ouch on the cost of the faux wood blinds! Those windows must be large! Major ugh on the cat pee - that is a smell that just seems impossible to destroy. I am glad however, that the moving is going sorta kinda well. I've moved both ways - all packed up and moved at once, and that carload at a time method you did. Personally, I have found the pack up and move all at once method is better for me. The carload method seems to be just too chaotic for me. Or I don't seem to do it in a very organized manner. Or something.....


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