Saturday, June 13, 2009

Living in the Middle

Beyond the first bite, I don't love Facebook at all and mainly have an account only because it's nice when someone you would have loved to have kept in touch with but somehow have lost touch with now has an easy way to find you and vice versa. I'm not about all the gimmicky bullshit ploys that just seem to be about their creators getting your personal information like sending ghetto snacks or plants or passing drinks or any of the rest, nor typically friending people on there that I don't know in real life (sorry) for basically the same privacy reasons, but I do like it for the way I use it.

Last week, two people found me on Facebook, one a friend from England who I met back in my old Japan days, and another who was a good friend in junior high and kind of in high school. When I told my friend in London that going to see family in Chicago a couple weeks ago only took about 11 hours, she was kind of floored at the magnitude that is 11 hours worth of land upon which to drive. Lots of countries just aren't as big as the United States and even here, lots of states get smaller the further east you go. Driving from Chicago to Portland, OR was a 2.5 day drive (with sleeping overnight), and so was driving for the big move back in December from Portland to Tulsa.

While I have some real issues with living in Oklahoma, I'm positive that I love how accessible so many of my favorite people seem from here in the middle, and I love how much I've been able to just leave Tulsa at breakfast time and be someplace else in time for dinner (literally!), especially when dinner means pizza back in Chicago, or including a bottle of good wine in Nashville when meeting a favorite blogger who made her own drive out that way (and then followed by another favorite who lives out that way and a whole bunch more, plus even seeing an old classmate I hadn't seen in 20 years along the way!). Returning from family visits in Chicagoland (where another favorite blogger and my old prom date live) but taking a small detour to Indy to see my dear friend J a couple of times in just a handful of months when it used to be 5+ years between visits all just makes me smile.

Sure, I'll be far away in Japan for a year, but that's kind of like a long side trip (a really seriously awesome side trip), and then I'll be back in the middle again. While Tulsa is just on the 3-5 year plan (clock is ticking, even while I'm in Japan), I have a feeling our next big move will be to another part of the middle of the country so that I can be a busybody.

I'll let this post go up automatically at midnight in case I'm already in bed resting up for Saturday's drive to meet that above good friend in junior high and kind of in high school who found me on Facebook earlier in the week because she just so happens to live just one state away! It's been a hundred years, lots of hairstyles (those perms back in the day, oh, my) and many lifetimes and life events ago since I've seen her. It's still not easy to get from here to London to see my other friend (someday, though, someday, I hope), but the middle brings so many more so much closer and feels like being all up in the thick of it all.

Aside from geography, I'm finding that life in general is like that, too, if you think about it... I don't mean being mid-life like that but mean being in the midst of life, like right smack dab in the middle of the midst of life, aiming to live it fully, good with the bad, but as much as possible surrounded by the good stuff of life like good friends. Must be all the nostalgia making me waxy and mushy in the middle.


  1. Great attitude to have. And enjoy your reunion with your friend!

  2. Have the best time ever! I love getting back in touch with old wonderful friends!

    I admit I have gotten sucked in to Facebook (pieces of flair and all) but I do like the fact that you can get in touch with people you haven't seen or heard from in a million and a half years while also ignoring ones that you would like to keep ignoring (i.e. very mean and nasty ex boyfriends).

    Have a great weekend! Cheers!

  3. Maggie-dear! I admire you for your courage to go to another country to do what you love to do. I admire, respect, and love you always!

  4. You know you can block and hide all those applications you don't like, right? I'm sure you do but thought I would mention it just in case.
    I'm a Facebook addict but I don't participate in most of the pass around stuff. I do need a 12 step program for the games. :)
    Have fun reuniting and with your 11 hour drive!

  5. I like facebook....but I also have my account private and do not add just anyone. I miss communicating with my Chantix crowd and if you don't mind, send me your facebook info and i will do the same. I am hardly on Myspace anymore! Hope all is well with you and Tom.

  6. I hate all the gimmicks on Facebook too, so I'm the queen at ignoring all those requests. :-)

    I think people underestimate how awesome it is to live relatively close by to friends, family, whatever. I'm desperately hoping that out next move is going to put me closer to my family.

  7. I have to admit that it strikes me kind crazy that it can you drive for DAYS from one side of the country to the other . . . here in New Zeana,d in some parts you can drive from coast to coast in about 20 minutes. You could prolly do top to bottom in a day too. Crazy . . . :)

  8. I love facebook. I use it to talk to all my friends and family. I find it so odd that bloggers are there too, seeing pics of where I live, hanging out with my kids in my pj's sort of thing. It's like my two worlds colliding.

    I, too, think you are wicked brave for going to Japan.

  9. I had no idea you were so centralized there. That is wonderful! I can certainly see the draw of living there. So glad you had a chance to catch up with everyone, and hope you have a great time with your junior high friend.

  10. Facebook. I love it and I hate it. It's been so great getting in touch with some people, but there are some others I fell out of touch with for a reason. I like it for about five minutes, then it depresses the heck out of me.

  11. I've been super mushy lately too. I think that is a good thing sometimes. Really taking the time to live life. Good for you! :)

  12. I'm with you on the Facebook thing. I only have an account to catch up with people I don't see very often.

    But I ignore any and all silly requests... especially those from people I hardly know!

  13. Terrific tude about this.
    LOL on Japan being a side trip.
    I don't see the appeal of Facebook or Twitter, but obviously I am in the minority on that one. ~Mary


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