Monday, July 06, 2009

Friendliness, Toothiness

I had an awesome time visiting old friends in Dallas, Texas just because I could get there in about 4-5 hours (yay, living in the middle!) and managed to see 3 friends I've known from way back in elementary or junior high school in the span from Thursday evening to Saturday afternoon (with lots of poolside drinks and memories and pictures old and new), then got home that night and enjoyed watching surprisingly professional-like fireworks with Tom and some of his friends from the comfort of their backyard, and finally my dear friend J will be coming for a visit starting on Monday to hang out and visit before I leave and to help me sort out which sins of my closet should not make another trip to Japan after already going there over a decade ago and already a decade too late at that point.

It's like a whirlwind of friends all at once, and it's really nice, especially seeing everyone before leaving for Japan, which is looming ever closer, with a million little things to do since it's now less than 3 weeks away, just over 2 weeks before I fly to Chicago a few days in advance to visit with family (and maybe a 2009 BlogHer Conference attendee or two if it works out that night of Friday the 24th that they are willing to come from there to my hotel by the airport before my flight the next day - I'll need to kinda stay put, mostly because I am a safety girl).

Meanwhile, I may or may not be having a root canal during my friend's visit because I'm about out of time and, as suspected, the tooth issue is back, so I'll see an endodontist on Monday before my friend gets here, then have it done, if needed, one day this week while he is still here. Not the kind of things I'd pair together, but my friend tells me that the drinks we will be having should help if it hurts. I guess that makes it not all bad.

It would be nicer if we had a pool, though, too, now that my Texas friends spoiled me with morning swims and evening swims and floating on my back in between conversations swims. I'm just sayin'.


  1. I am SO jealous of what looks to be gorgeous, wonderful, and warm swims! And yay! You're Japan bound really soon! :)

  2. Wow. You look pretty good in that suit! And the water looks so inviting ...

  3. Great picture!! Wow, Japan is so close! I do hope you'll find a way to internet while you're there.. We will miss you so! you may have mentioned it already but what will be your blogging sitch there?

    Wish I could go to Blog Her. I was going to and when tickets ran out I decided not, and now a beach vacation awaits. Hope you have fun with lots of friends! Including the ones of the cocktail kind. Feel better, tooth!

  4. How great that you were able to visit with friends and chill out before Japan! Good for you!

  5. LOVE the bag. I want one! I'm a bag lady, remember? :-)

    Gorgeous pool! WOW - looks like some expensive resort pool - is that actually someone's private pool at their home? WOW! I would have never left!

    And yet one MORE reason to be jealous of you Maggie - Japan - coming up so soon! YIPEE! I would SO love to join you!


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