Sunday, July 12, 2009

Posts Without Proper Titles Need Love, Too

The root canal went great (and thanks so much for all the good thoughts and success stories). No, really, it wasn't terrible at all, no worse, really than a filling, though it took longer. I'm training myself not to cringe at the thought of eating old faves like salads or watermelon or even something like a room temperature apple (yep, even that was too cold/sweet) that would have sent spikes of horrendously agonizing pain through my tooth a week ago. There was a last minute scramble just an hour before the procedure, trying to find a dentist that would be able to come up with a crown in time for my departure from Tulsa (July 22nd) to Chicago and then to Japan since it can take a couple of weeks, but luckily I found a dentist that could get it rushed from the lab. I'll be getting that done next week (the temporary crown is surprisingly solid) and would even consider a root canal on the other sensitive tooth someday, if it comes to that. Words I never thought I'd say willingly.

Within an hour of having the root canal, my visiting dear friend J and I were dissecting my closet full of previously discussed sins and were out shopping for new clothes on a budget so that I don't represent America's worst dressed while in Japan. Deals included treasures like a $50 (*gasp*) pair of jeans that I would never have bought, except for the fact that I got them for about $9. Ditto these ridiculously cute and surprisingly super comfortable Tsubo heels we found that were marked down from $100+ to, um, the realm of my affordability at $12.99. The next day before getting the temporary crown, I even got a couple of pairs of new glasses (just as cheap to get two pairs as one), plus contacts again. I'm sure you'll be seeing pictures of them in posts to come. Well, more the glasses, I guess, since the contacts themselves won't be quite as noticeable other than moments when there is a lack of glasses.

In other news since I can't just say nothing, I'm not really at liberty to discuss something weighing heavily on my mind, so I turn to my favorite way to express myself when I must be vague, my friend the haiku.

still knocking on wood
afraid to jinx all good things
my fist and head hurt

I don't pray anymore, but I don't suppose it hurts any if you do and are so inclined, even with such limited information.

I can't think of a nice cutesy way to tie any of this together, and that, in turn, limits my ability to give this post a proper title.

Off to eat something cold that I hope I don't spill on my new clothes, while I give a seductive glance over one of my new pairs of glasses, as I knock on wood inside my head to keep any badness of any sort at a bay far away. Except that would be too long of a title.


  1. Japan is coming up so fast! Wow, 13 days! Glad the root canal went well. No agony is like that of a damned aching tooth!

    BTW, I have the perennial problem of writing posts in a jiffy then spend lots of time thinking of a title.

  2. i am SO glad the root canal went well and it's over. *hug*

  3. Whew! Glad that root canal is over with and went so well. I was sweating for you just thinking about going to the dentist.

    Knocking on wood for you too!

  4. Japan! That is going to be so very cool. Congrats on the wardrobe finds.

    Glad the root canal went well. Have fun eating all your old favs.

  5. So glad the root canal went well - and I will, if I can, drag a carload out to see you on that Friday night.

  6. I can imagine you're counting the days in one way and at the same time hold your breath and get nervous about the departure. But so far you survived the root canal and got over your fears for the dentist. Have a little faith in yourself, you'll do great! Too bad you'll be in Japan when I visit Chicago in November. I would have loved to meet you!

  7. i'm sooo glad the tooth went well and that you got some great affordable digs! i will pray for you and knock on wood and send some karma for whatever it is you're haikuing about!


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