Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Problem with Vague

The problem with writing a really vague post is that it makes it awfully hard for folks to have any idea what you are talking about unless they are psychic. I still am not at liberty to discuss what's not mine to share, but since I've received such kind words in response, I just feel like I need to clarify that my last post had zero to do with self-doubt or any fear about going to Japan for a year. Me? I'm fine. I've wanted to do this again since I left last time 11 years ago. No qualms.

That post had more everything to do with the idea that if certain pending medical issues go a certain way for someone (who is not me), I would be willing (more than willing, actually) not to get on that plane to Tokyo in a week and a half.

When I said that I don't always have to do what I have to be willing to do, I meant that the very act of processing the possibility of scary scenarios, and as part of that process exploring my willingness not to go to Japan if that looked like it would be best/necessary, clarified some important things in my life, so that process of becoming willing (or determining that I was already willing) was worthwhile because of what I learned from it, regardless of what happens from here.

I still hope like hell that I don't have to do that which I would be willing to do.

Clear as mud now? Since this post is really just a footnote to the last, and because I like orderliness and have enough that's out of my hands right now, I'm closing comments on this post so that any comments can go on the real post.

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