Friday, August 21, 2009

Airing My Clean-ish Laundry

I've mentioned my laundry issues in my last post, where I linked to the other posts, and I promised a video at some point. This is that point. I've got some clothes on the line that I hope dry by morning (overnight, good luck) because that's when I'm headed out for a weekend on Shiraishi Island and all of the crazy work and then fun travel for the next 8 days. Posting will be sporadic, as will all of my blog visits, but I'll be back with pictures. For now, enjoy the laundry video. I put some translation information on there in case someone stumbles across one of these relics (not as common anymore, I'm told) and finds the information useful. If not, I hope it's entertaining. And I hope that when I come back I am still able to get that other washer because I'm no longer so entertained. I did get another (old) bike (different woes) this past Wednesday, and the brakes work kind of OK but are nice and quiet, so things are moving in the right direction.

Showtime. It's a 10 minute video. Grab a drink and some clothes to fold or something while you watch.


  1. Oh Maggie...I love you. You are so funny. I loved seeing your (horrific? sad? crazy? Amish-channeling?) laundry process. I watched all 10 minutes of it!

    Hope Japan is treating you well!!!

  2. I watched the WHOLE thing, as well. I'm a little disappointed though .. no thong.

  3. Bitchu kurese!!! That was hilarious...and chotto natsukashi (not really, sort of). I am still baffled that you "chose" to be subjected to this creative camping again. Don't they have a river nearby with a stone where you could just beat your clothes with a stone, might be quicker, seriously! Ha! By the way, good thing LceeL isn't your neighbor, he might try to steal your panties, a la japaonaise!

  4. Haha, this is brilliant! I can't believe you have to go through all of that just to get your laundry done - that's crazy! Cheers for sharing through, it was super amusing :)

  5. Good Lord! I didn't even realize that they still had those archaic machines anymore!! I had almost the exact same one 18 years ago...though I do think that yours is a bit newer!!
    Things not drying in this lovely wet weather? You can find some really cheap de-humidifiers around....hang up your clothes in a room, turn it on and shut the door. Sure, your stuff may be a bit stiff, but...dry within 5 hours (give or take). Plus...running it will keep your tatami from getting green...especially in the summer and during rainy season!!
    Happy trails, Maggie...the adventure is only beginning!!
    Debbie in Nagasaki

  6. oh maggie I think I would die if I had to do laundry like that!!! Best of luck to ya

  7. I'm so impressed with your video skills. How do you add all those funny captions?! Geez. I'm feeling really dumb right now.
    And seriously, do I need to just send you some Woolite? Who has time for that craziness?

  8. Ok Maggie, all this talk about clothes washing seemed as if you were exaggerating just a tad but about the washing situation. After watching your video, I would now say your situation is understated! Why don't they have dryers to go with the washers? The video cracked me up and made me realize that I am truly a spoiled American!

  9. ok now i feel bad. i finally watched the video. HOLY CRAP! i'm sorry. i'm sending you good laundry vibes. or something.

    if it helps, i wore a shirt to softball that stunk so badly from being musty because it was done while i still had the old washer and dryer! does that count? awesome video editing skills, ps.


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