Thursday, August 13, 2009


Short post (for a change) to announce a recent discovery that may change my life. Or at least partially fix my laundry woes, which right now kinda consumes my life as I worry that I`ll smell bad every day and lose/not gain friends, which would impact my life negatively. Important stuff, this!

I was already *very* familiar with the word umeboshi (梅干し), the dried plums (ume=plum) that are the stuff of my dreams and a flavor that is found in lots of things here (joy!), so when my friend told me about such thing as heyaboshi (部屋干し), I already liked the word right off the bat, associating words in the way that I do. Boshi just means dry, not all that exciting, I guess, unless your laundry isn`t drying properly and you have reason to think this might help. Basically, heyaboshi laundry detergent is designed for drying clothes inside (like in a room, which is what the heya part means) or on rainy days or at night or other similarly difficult to dry times.

And I found it. Here in Tiny Town. Tonight, laundry night! Hope it works.

Now if I could just stop sweating...

Oh, and yesterday I finally got my "gaijin card," so I can quit carrying around my passport like a tourist who will return soon to a land where dryers are plentiful.


  1. Happy laundering. But even if you smelled bad and stuff, I would still love you to bits. FYI.

  2. That sounds great! What an awesome stroke of luck you found it.

  3. Me too! I'd love ya no matter how stinky ya are.


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