Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekly Winners Sunday October 18, 2009

Weekly Winners, hosted by Lotus.
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Yep, still behind on posts, but if I don't start posting pictures, I'll just get further behind. Again, not all technically from this past week, but some are, and that's good enough.

Newest Obsession
September 22, 2009
(Just after my Silver Week trip I bought a pair of toe socks. And it's been true love ever since. Well, after the first couple of hours getting used to them.)

Cat's Don't Like Rainy Days
September 27, 2009

Tea Ceremony
October 2, 2009
I've kind of joined the Tea Ceremony club at my school. It usually involves sweets and green tea, two things I love. The club served tea at a local event, but I just got to partake. That works, too.

Japan's Version of the $2 Bill
October 3, 2009
I'd never seen a 2000 yen note. Until this night.

Okonomiyaki Heaven
October 7, 2009

Old School Izakaya
October 16, 2009
There was a birthday party in our group, and we turned up at possibly the most awesome izakaya I've ever been to because the atmosphere was old-timey and cool. Fishbowls of alcohol may lead to unexpected results. I behaved, but it was a pretty wild night with stories that are not mine to tell, but too good not to allude to at least, without names.
There was a lost bag, sickness in the wrong place, a conversation with a boss that went differently than it would have sober and one person who went missing and woke up in a capsule hotel. Much of this happened after someone started handing out shots of tequila at the 2nd party (which was before the 3rd party at the karaoke place).

Down the Up
It was moving up, and I was headed down on the way to the 3rd party. I'm pretty sure it would have been easier before the 1st party.

Hello Kitty Colors
(convenience store pit stop before karaoke)

The Morning After
October 17, 2009
We'd been here before and loved it, but it's even better the morning after the night before. We ate a really ridiculous amount of delish pizza.

The Oven


  1. I love the socks! The food does look mighty good.

  2. hmmmm Okonomiyaki! We actually had it for dinner a few weeks back - using our raclette grill! I'm loving that raclette more and more, as I find we can do so much more with it than just raclette - it and the kotatsu table are wonderful ways to enjoy a meal with family/friends!

  3. So you took pictures in between wild party 2 and three eh? Well they're pretty darn good, so I can believe you behaved!!
    Love the socks!! I could wear flip flops, even in Winter? Hmmm... Worth considering. But i don't think I'll take pictures of it! LOL!

  4. I love toe socks too. The food looks delish.

  5. Ha! Toe socks are awesome! I have a million pairs :)

  6. Love the pics maggie.....

    Wish I could wear toe socks.....My big toe is too big.... :(

    Imagine that!

    Cant wait for more pics....

  7. A fishbowl of alcohol?!? Where can I sign up?? LOL!

    I love Toe Socks :) They are the most comfy thing EVER!!

  8. Sounds like a crazy wild party!
    So happy you are having a great time in Japan!
    I'm still not sold on toe socks but maybe I'll give them another try!

  9. Those pics are awesome. I want to go so badly now. :)
    I love my toe socks too.

  10. Sounds like a WILD night! Glad to hear you behaved.

    Love the photos. I'm drooling over the food as always. And I must find myself a pair of those socks.

  11. those socks are cute, but i don't think i could get used to wearing them


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