Saturday, October 02, 2010

Flat Baloney Rocked Around Japan

I almost met Baloney once. See, there was this Oklahoma bloggy meet up, and lots of folks were there. One was there in flat form. As in, on a piece of paper. The real Baloney couldn't make it to the real deal, so her image was posed enjoying the night out with the bloggy girls. I already thought she must have a great sense of humor just for this idea.

The next day, I visited her blog and giggled. She is silly. In a very awesome and refreshing way. She's also down to earth and cool. At one point Baloney asked for folks to take Flat Baloney (the paper version of herself) on some travels, and people did. And then I did, too.

Last winter (yes, right around the time where I quit blogging for 9 months) I took Flat Baloney on my adventures (the winter travels I only finished getting around to posting a few weeks ago). It's weird to say that she kind of kept me company since I was traveling mostly solo, but I admit weird stuff publicly on here all the time, so, whatevs. I got so many funny stares, I mean more than usual, and it made me laugh. Laughing is good. Keeping the locals guessing is a fun game, too. Win. Win.

In the spirit of finally putting the other bookend on that set of tales, I also finally sent the long awaited pictures to the patient and kind Baloney. Today, she posted them! Please go take a look, giggle and give her some bloggy love.

Baloney Imitates a Nagasaki Penguin


  1. We crack ourselves up, don't we?!
    I'm really good at penguin imitations. How did you know?
    I'm looking forward to more adventures with Maggie and celebrating your return (?) with an IRL bloggy get together. I'll plan it so that I can go. Ha!

  2. Hahaha, awesome. I love seeing things around like this. The blogosphere is so great!


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