Friday, October 29, 2010

Haiku Friday - A Kotatsu

Haiku Friday

No central heating
less than great insulation
hence the kotatsu

Think a low table
with heater underneath
cozied in a quilt
I'll live under here,
the best invention ever,
'til about April



  1. You know, you wonder how those people managed to survive the winters in Japan - given the wooden houses and all - no central heating - paper thin walls, etc.

  2. A person can fit under there? It looks so little! WOW!
    I have to admit I just keep thinking, "fire hazard!"

  3. Ooooo - I totally need one of those. NH is getting chilly. That looks warm and cozy.

  4. This is the life line for people in Japan during winter, especially in my in-law's house where there's no central heating so the temp outside is the same as inside the house. Crazy, I know!!

    Sadly, I get leg cramps too quickly while sitting on the floor, crossed leg or otherwise. I can't stretch my legs too often since there are plenty of other legs inside the kotatsu!


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