Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Most Confusing Time of the Year

Yep, I kinda got behind a little again. It was a crazy busy week last week. Just to let you know that I'm still here, I'll share my latest status update on Facebook. It went like this:
My complex feelings related to Christmas are here early this year. Magic, sadness, joy, longing, warmth, coldness, childlike giddiness, tired-adult-like-over-it-ness, happy memories, sad reflections. All with the desire for an eggnog latte that will not materialize, no matter if my Santa is bigger than yours. Still, this chai tea warms my hands and balances the swirl of contradictions in my soul. Let it snow?
Just a warning that we are soon heading into the confusion known as Christmas in Japan, complete with Christmas cake, advanced reservations for KFC chicken, 8 fewer reindeer, Valentine's Day-like romance on Christmas Eve, and presents on pillows from a Finland-based Santa who's never heard of the North Pole. Good times, hopefully with pictures and regular-ish blogging. Maybe.


  1. lol if that's the sort of thing you're posting on Facebook, add me as a friend!

  2. Maggie I want to say Thank You. I don't know how I found your blog, almost a year ago, but I owe you a huge Thanks! I have been smoke free almost 1 year (Dec 18). Your blog helped me achieve that. I will be forever grateful. You are a wonderful writer. I enjoy all your posts and look forward to them. Take care.
    PS. Maggie is my cats name :)
    Annie Sickmeyer, Middleburg FL


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