Friday, April 01, 2011

Haiku Friday, Hope and Fleeting

Haiku Friday

cherry blossoms bloom
ev'ry year, happy or sad
hopeful and fleeting

cheerful time of year
japan in all her glory
renewal in pink

we need this here now
this pink balm for all that's lost
allowing us hope

the world keeps turning
stopping not though we might weep
whisp'ring "must go on"

then at the same time
as poetic things will do
there is the fleeting

bud, blossom, drop and done
before you can say a word
we must live RIGHT NOW!!!

life can go so quick
we just never know, do we?

there IS tomorrow
but who will see it's unknown
is the stuff i think

so, i'll celebrate
blue tarp, conbini bentos*
chuhai, friends, pink glow

i'll smile at the shoes
neatly paired around the tarp
the japanese way

the japanese way
that i sometimes get and don't
but that works well here

japan does spring right
the sakura obsession
makes all things better

*conbini bentos (コンビニ弁当) are the "boxed lunch" sets that you can buy at the convenience store. They are nothing like the rotating hot dogs in the convenience stores in the US at all. These are actually really pretty damn good much of the time. Wanna see pics? There a gazillion if you do a Google image search. Wow.

I'm actually going officially at least twice this year, not counting side trips. Once will be as describe above with the blue tarp and snacks and drinks with friends. Then, I'm also going with some of the older Japanese ladies that sometimes adopt me for tea ceremony related events to some very fancy pants green tea and extra good quality Japanese sweets (wagashi) viewing at some temple where an old priest poet used to go and write back in the day because the view was that inspiring. At least I think that's where I am going or what that all meant. My Japanese can still be iffy. I just know that I need to be outside the school gate at 7:00AM with 2000 yen and my camera in my pocket that day.

Hopefully I'll post some pictures.

Meanwhile, most of you aren't, but if you happen to be in Japan, check out this awesome guide to finding where to celebrate the joy. My favorite picks are Hiroshima at the Peace Park, Tokyo's Ueno Park and Okayama's very own Tsuyama Castle.


  1. Oh I missed your haikus so much! Beautiful, beautiful words.

  2. This was beautiful and so full of hope. Wonderful haiku.

  3. Wonderful. Just wonderful. I LOVE your Haiku.

    Just so you know, I'm the caretaker, now, of Haiku Friday. Just come and link to your Haiku in comments. On Friday.

  4. Maggie....been well over a month since you posted. I hope you are ok!!!!


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