Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1, 340

I went to the hospital yesterday. Don't worry. It's a minor issue. There was a discussion and exam, and a test was done. I was in and out on my lunch break (OK, maybe plus 10 minutes). They gave me the bill, and it was all I could do not to laugh. And then hug and kiss everyone. I restrained myself and just smiled at them a lot instead so they knew I was hugging them on my insides (or just thought I had bigger problems). The bill was 1340 yen. At today's exchange rate, that's US $17.45.

Now, in fairness, I had an allergic reaction to the cure (not good times, my friends, is all I'll say). So I went back today. In and out on my lunch break again. The follow up was 570 yen. US $7.43. Again with the desire to hug and kiss folks.

3/366 - My Hospital Bill
(Taken on my iPhone, toyed with in Photobucket)


  1. Since I'm from a land of universal healthcare and have never paid anything out of pocket, what would have this same set of trips costed you in the US? I'm guess A LOT from your smiling and wanting to hug people!

  2. That is amazing. My insurance co-pay is higher than either of those charges... and that's just for a simple doctor's visit - no labs, no extras at all.

  3. Jen, insurance varies wildly in the US, so for some it might be just a co-pay of $20, but for others who haven't met the deductible of whatever amount, it might be as much as $150 (or $200?). Definitely not as cheap as this, though. ;)


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