Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bonus Round

I've been taking way more than one picture a day since I started this whole blogging again and posting a picture a day thing. It can't be helped. Consider today something like a bonus round, and expect another as soon as tomorrow. Or so.

13(1)/366 - My lucky cup.
It's most lucky on a lazy weekend morning.
13(2)/366 - This is me within the past week.
My hair is finally growing out from the ridiculously way too short cut
I got at the barber shop. Last April. Yes. There and then. Innywho, it's growing.
13(3)/366 - Reading. Been doing it again.
Also, if a book is pretty good, but there is something  else I'd REALLY rather be reading?
Then the first goes under the stack. Life is too short not to change books whenever you just goddamn want to.


  1. You look great Maggie!
    No time to read at the moment, I had to return all four books unread after two months! Too busy taking pictures and blogging right now!

  2. You're hair is adorable! And I LOVE that coffee mug. I've got a thing for coffee mugs.


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