Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cute Blood

I remember when I moved to Japan the first time and was brought to building with super cute cartoon characters everywhere and was a little startled and confused to realize that this place was not a toy store, candy shop or daycare but a bank. Where they expected me to put all of my yennies. I giggled. Nervously.

There is nothing that Japan can't or won't turn into a cute little character. It's everywhere, all day, everyday. Even when you donate blood. After March 11th last year (hard to believe it's already been almost a year), I braved the strict requirements and related paperwork and possibility of being told no and went and donated blood. I'd heard that some foreigners had tried and been unsuccessful, but it really wasn't too much of a problem (though it helped to read an English translation of the form before going and trying to fill out the Japanese one), and before I knew it, I was in a bloodmobile painted with the cute little blood donation character on the outside and some friendly folks who took my blood and oohed and ahhed at any little thing I said in Japanese and gave me rehydration drinks and a little snack.

Somehow I let 10 months pass before donating again on Saturday, but Kenketsu-chan was right there waiting. She has her own entire website (linked just right there on her name), and even if you can't read Japanese, it gives you and idea of the silliness I'm describing. Otherwise, there's just this quick shot from my phone on the way in.

7/366 - Kenketsu-chan, making blood donation super cute.
(Taken on my iPhone, toyed with in Instagram)

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  1. Adorable. I wonder if people in Japan are generally happier than people elsewhere because of all that cuteness overload ... ?


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