Friday, January 20, 2012

Haiku Friday - January 20th, 2012

Haiku Friday

Hello, my old friend!
Haiku*! (how) I have missed you!
Let's three-seven-five!

standing on friday
stretched out like a long hallway
my weekend awaits

5/366 - One last look back down the Very Many Windowed hallway of my school before the weekend
(Taken on my iPhone, toyed with in Instagram)
*Haiku is three syllables in Japanese. Two in English. So, take your pick.
(Also, it's well into Friday where I am, here in the future.)


  1. Very clever! Love the Friday 'ku, and the photo is the perfect illustration.

  2. Love this - and Haiku has missed you, too. Every Friday - we're here. I am SO glad to see you back online again. Welcome home.

  3. welcome back Maggie,
    even if it's just today
    love your Friday 'ku

  4. It's great to see glimpses of your daily life again Maggie! Have a great weekend!


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