Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One Day a Food Stall Appeared in a Parking Lot

Once in awhile in Japan you see a stall selling takoyaki (a yummy little ball of dough with octopus inside, which I usually initially translate as octopus balls but then have to back up to explain) or another selling taiyaki (reminds me of a pancake on the outside but cooked to look like a fish and then filled with red bean paste - or creamy custard when it's your lucky day!). Both of these are delish! I suppose it's possible for one stall to sell both of those and to also suddenly appear in the parking lot of your local grocery store last week. That's what happened out here in the middle of my nowhere.

Also, the guy that was in there behind the counter had wandered across the parking lot when I took the picture, but he watched me raise and aim my iPhone, clearly to take a picture, and he looked at me curiously. I'd bet you three octopus balls that inside his brain he was thinking "crazy foreigner." It's not like people walk around my grocery store parking lot taking pictures. If they do, they are likely to be one of us crazy foreigners. Is all.

I took the picture on my iPhone, then got playing with it in the BeFunkyFx iPhone app. I liked some different things about several of the different effects, so here's the same shot four ways.
16(1)/366 - Takoyaki and Taiyaki
16(2)/366 - Takoyaki and Taiyaki
16(3)/366 - Takoyaki and Taiyaki
16(4)/366 - Takoyaki and Taiyaki


  1. Playing paparazzo with your IPhone eh? LOL! I can do that with my baby camera now!

    I like the first one best!

  2. I like the first one, too - but I assume the last one is the Truest rendition, right?

    1. Probably the second one? Or so. They are all pretty different.

  3. sounds wonderfully delish. I like the first photo as it shows the cloud texture.

  4. Oooh, but the real question is, did you get some? Takoyaki was my favorite street food while in Japan.


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