Saturday, January 21, 2012

Party in a Tiny Town. With Aloe. And Yogurt.

I might have mentioned that there are four of us English-teaching foreigners here in town. Last night, that population was increased 5 fold (oh my gosh, I did math!). Or more. There were at least 20. Plus about 3 Japanese people. One of our group hosted a pie party to celebrate a new oven, and it was a great excuse for people to come all the way out here from their own tiny little towns and play drinking games eat pie. Most people have only toaster ovens here. I wound up buying a bigger one (let's don't get excited, it's still tiny and bakes about 5 cookies at a time) shortly after I arrived that, get this, is a toaster, a microwave and a legit-bake-me-a-cake oven all in one. It is weird putting a metal pan in what you used as a microwave to warm up your lunch a few hours ago. So, one of our group also bought one of these magical devices. It's identical to mine. That's because we have one DIY store close to us, and that's the only one they sell.

As will happen at a party, drinking happened. I wanted to take it easy and also get some fresh air, so I ran out to the Lawson's conbini (convenience store, way more convenient and with more edible food than back home) just down the road to get something little to drink. You can always count on Japan to provide weird drinks, candy and, well, everything, really, and yogurt as a flavor is fairly common. As is aloe yogurt (honestly, one of the reasons I wanted to come back to Japan - it's so good!). What I had not ever seen was an aloe yogurt cocktail with small bits of aloe in it. It was amazing!

6/366 - Aloe Yogurito. Because that's not unusual.
(Taken on my iPhone, toyed with in Instagram)

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  1. I'm just going to take your word for it... aloe yogurt cocktails are delicious


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