Saturday, February 18, 2012

Black Garlic from Heaven

We arrived at Mama-san's ryokan (roughly, a Japanese inn) for one of the amazing dinners she and Papa-san love to have for the four of us foreigners. We know to come hungry and ready for hugs and laughter. She really dotes on us, and we love every minute of it. After stuffing ourselves with the melt-in-your-mouth sushi that Mama-san often serves us and a whole array of other deliciousness, Papa-san appeared with what looked something like garlic, roasted on the outside. He offered us to try it and watched with that little twinkle in his eyes as we unpeeled it and saw that the cloves inside were black. It smelled like garlic and was clearly from that family, but it was rich and sweet and tasted almost like molasses or candy but with an amazingly perfect balance of garlic flavor. We were in love. He gave us each plenty to take home and explained that it came from up north in Aomori Prefecture. I think he was confused and meant to say heaven.

(If you are curious, like I was this morning when I woke up looking forward to having some more, a few import stores explain more about it here and here, plus a blogger in Aomori.)
34/366 - Black Garlic
(Taken on my D5100, for a change)

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