Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I've mentioned Japan's Big America series of burgers and how each new burger is like a personal challenge for me to be sure to try all four (they are all here). I did the Grand Canyon with a steak theme plus egg and crispy onions and more. Then the Las Vegas burger with sliced beef and sour cream sauce. We are at number three, the Broadway burger with pastrami bacon, a few veggies and a cream cheese sauce. It was pretty OK, but, as my friend commented, it really did feel sort of like a deli sandwich than a burger, so I guess maybe the name came closer to matching the meal but not really why I go to McD's. So far, Vegas is winning. Beverly Hills comes out at the start of March, and that involves avocado, so it may overtake Vegas. You know I'll be there and will let you know.

37/366 - McDonald's Broadway Burger
(taken on my iPhone, toyed with in Instagram)


  1. I'm not an expert on that subject. I would not know the difference between a deli sandwich and a burger. I eat one maybe once in two years? LOL!

  2. Replies
    1. Sushi is fairly healthy. Japan has a few of those. ;)

  3. I just like my burgers with the regular fixin's. Any sort of cream cheese doesn't sound like an appealing condiment.

  4. Avocado? I think the Beverly Hills will be the winner.

    1. That's not sarcasm, by the way. I just realized you probably don't know me well enough to know about my love for avocados. :)

    2. I agree, completely. Avocado is the way to go. Always. If bacon and cheese are over that way, too, it's even better. :)


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