Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Coffee, Canned

More about drinks in Japan. Canned coffee is everywhere because vending machines are everywhere (and, yes, vending everything, even that weird thing you once heard), and they usually sell canned coffee. Even more amazing, you can usually get it either hot or iced. This also means that things like corn soup or hot cocoa could potentially be served up in a hot can from the vending machine. So it's no surprise that they are! If you get really lucky, your vending machine will talk to you like the one outside my apartment does. It gives time appropriate greetings, thanks me for my business and compliments me for working so hard. Anyone remember that old commercial about a "Have a Coke and a Smile"? Yah. I get that here. (Technically, though, it's not the Coke machine that talks and makes me giggle but the one next to it.)
23(1)/366 - Japan Loves Vending Machines
23(2)/366 - Coke Products, Japan-style. Here, Georgia is a coffee, not a state.
Do you see the Soukenbicha that I loved on last post?
Hot Drinks (red あったか~い attaka~i). / Cold Drinks (blue つめた~い tsumeta~i).
23(3)/366 - Last Night's Hot Cocoa Study Break


  1. Soukenbicha comes in two sizes? In the same machine? Now THAT's cool.

  2. one of my favorite drinks in Japan was the grape drink...with grapes in the bottom! YUM! Shocking at first, tho ;-)

  3. That is one impressive vending machine.