Monday, February 20, 2012

Fettuccine alla Carbonara

It's entirely possible that you have, right now, in your very own kitchen, all of the ingredients to make this amazingness. It happened to me awhile back when my local grocery store had this limited time only (hate when they do that and it's something really good and then just all gone one day) "raw" pasta (not dry) on sale, and I bought a bunch. I had eggs from my neighbor (yep, same neighbor) and still had some Parmesan cheese (OK, I admit, I used powered, not fresh grated) from home (you can get both here, but neither are cheap) and happened to have some bacon (well, almost bacon, the closest I can find in Japan). I got it in my head that I wanted carbonara, and right there on the internet was this amazing recipe, Spaghetti alla Carbonara from Tyler Florence. No cream needed because the consensus seems to be that that's not how it's really made (probably not with fake Parm, either, but, you know...). It's fast and simple to make, though some timing skills help.

I made it again last night, but the pan was still just a little too hot, so the eggs started to scramble just a little. And I completely forgot to save and add some of the pasta water, which made it almost silky last time. Still, it was better than any carbonara I've ever eaten at a restaurant. I also might have added just a little shredded cheese to the egg mix, too. Also not how it's really done, but no regrets here.

Go make this right now.
36/366 - Carbonara. From Scratch.


  1. REAL Carbonara is indeed made with eggs, not cream. It's one of my hubby's favorite pasta dishes.

  2. I love carbonara, and this is a recipe I think even I could follow.

  3. I happen to have the ingredients...I just don't cook. We'd make a great couple! :)


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