Sunday, February 19, 2012

Great Big Luck

I love all things mochi (roughly, "rice cake"), especially when it's in the soft confectionery form wrapped around something else that also happens to be yummy, like the ice cream kind I posted the other day. Often it's wrapped around anko, sweet red bean paste. This whole general category of mochi sweets that involve it being wrapped around something is called daifuku mochi (大福もち, literally "big/great luck rice cake"). I've loved every single one I've ever met.

I also love my neighbor across the street. She and her husband moved in last year, sometime before summer, and along with their garden, she has a generous spirit and is always stopping by just to give me food. Fresh veggies in summer and fall, and miscellaneous food items throughout the year. She stopped by last Friday afternoon.

"Did you have an afternoon snack, yet?" she asked, as she does.

My answer to these types of questions, true or not, is always "Nope, not yet," while I try to tone down to a socially acceptable level the ridiculously over-eager feelings I have about what goodness she has brought over that I suspect is right there in that bag. I didn't bother to mention that there was no way I could eat a snack in advance of a huge dinner at Mama-san's in just a couple hours, and she presented me with a bag of assorted bread items and two pieces of daifuku mochi. I wanted to cry and hug and kiss her. That's not really how people act here, so I just smiled widely, bowed deeply and "itsumo arigatou gozaimasu" (thank you every time)'d her.

While I do, indeed, love every type of daifuku, it's extra special to me when even all that awesomeness is wrapped with some kind of brined leaf (just you wait until cherry blossom season, my friends, and you will be seeing cherry flavored ones wrapped in a cherry leaf while I completely lose all composure). Sweetness on the inside and a slightly salty leaf on the outside is the perfect balance. These? Were those kind. Oh, my great big luck!

35/366 - Mochi!
(Taken on my D5100)


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