Friday, February 03, 2012

Haiku Friday - Setsubun 2012 Edition

Haiku Friday

鬼は外! (oni wa soto)
Demons out! Good fortune in!
 福は内! (fuku wa uchi)
19(1)/366 - Beans (or peanuts, recently) to throw and chase out demons.

It's 節分 (setsubun)*
bean-throwing ceremony
spring renewal starts
*n is it's own syllable in Japanese, but if you don't count it, consider the line to read "it is setsubun"

恵方巻 (ehoumaki)**
lucky direction*** sushi
look there, hush**** and eat

**this is a type of fat rolled sushi, but while that is usually cut, for Setsubun, it is not cut because that would also cut your luck, so it's eaten as one long piece
***this year, the lucky direction is 北北西 (hoku-hokusei, north-northwest)
****tradition says that you have to eat it silently

19(2)/366 - Tons of 恵方巻 (ehoumaki) lucky direction sushi at my local grocery store. 
19(3)/366 - I might have gone shopping while hungry and over-bought. Oops.


  1. I do that ALL the time - overbuy, that is. Although, typically, I don't buy sushi. It's not anything I've learned how to eat.

  2. These are wonderful! I love that you wrote your haikus in Japanese.

    There is a grocery near me that sells sushi. While probably nothing like authentic dishes, it's pretty good by my standards. Your rolls look delicious.

  3. A sushi bar recently opened in my village. I'm not a great sushi fan, although I must say I ate delicious sushi when I was in Hawaii.

  4. That last one looks YUMMY!!!

    I love Japanese deep and meaningful!


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