Saturday, February 11, 2012

Trains Are Sexy

I love so very many things about my life in Japan. One of them is being able to grab a train even from my middle of Nowhere to get to Somewhere that has some comforts of home (Starbucks. McDonald's. Don't judge.) and the bonus of a wider variety of people than the handful in my inaka town. The destination is nice enough, but, really, for me, the journey is at least half the fun.

I love trains. I love people watching or gazing idly out the window while rolling past Japan's insanely beautiful countryside scenery or bustling city life. I love studying on a train without the distraction of my computer or dishes or laundry vying for my attention. I love allowing myself to be lulled to sleep by the gentle rocking of the train and automatically waking up at the station just before mine, a skill people seem to have from birth here. I love marveling at how man revises terrain to suit our needs when going through tunnels carved into hills/mountains. I love being on train platforms when a fancy-pants non-stop train blows through the no-reason-to-stop-here-hicktown station with the rhythmic ti-click ti-clack ti-click ti-clack and so much speed and power and wind in my hair that it leaves me feeling all breathless and invigorated. I guess what I'm saying is that I think trains are kind of sexy.
27(1) - Leaving Tiny Town on a Friday Afternoon for a Study Date in Town with Myself
(Taken on my iPhone, toyed with in Photobucket)
27(2)/366 - Go By Train
(Taken on my iPhone, toyed with - repeatedly - in BeFunkyPro app.
Couldn't choose one, so you get four)


  1. Trains are not very reliable here in Belgium. Do Japanese trains arrive on time?

    1. Trains are almost always right on time here. Once in awhile there is a delay, but it is fairly rare. :)

  2. No trains where I live, but I've always thought a AmTrak trip would be fun. Love the train shots here.

  3. NYC Subways scare the crap outta me. I'm not a fan.

    But the Railroad...above ground. All for it!



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