Friday, March 09, 2012

Georgia Black, Friday Night

At some point in my late 20's I realized that drinking coffee in the evening made it more likely that I'd stay up too late and have weird dreams when I did actually go to sleep. A few years after that, it bothered me enough to make a point of avoiding it. Something I will never understand is that the weird dreams from evening coffee consumption never happen to me if I don't have to get up for work the next day. The other thing I will never understand is the whole Georgia coffee brand here in Japan. Seeing Ranier as a coffee brand makes sense - Mt. Ranier, Washington, Starbucks, coffee, drive-thru coffee huts in gas station parking lots. Georgia? I think peaches. And a cute accent. And being on my mind, and stuff. Not coffee beans. In any case, this Friday night was the right time to run across the street to the vending machine for a can of coffee just because I could.
53/366 - Georgia Black on a Friday Night
(taken on my iPhone, toyed with in BeFunky app)

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