Tuesday, March 06, 2012

March is Thank You and Goodbye

March is already a tough month for me, but in Japan it's also graduation season, a bittersweet mix of wishing my favorite students well and knowing that I will miss seeing their faces when the new school year begins again in April. Today I said goodbye to half of my 3rd year students. Tomorrow, I get to say it to the others. I wrote them a letter of congratulations and encouragement  to dream big and to not be afraid of making mistakes in English but to just try to communicate. That's what language is really all about in the end. I reflected about how much they have grown. I met them as unruly 1st years and who became difficult 2nd years who started to change mid-way through that year into the 3rd year students in front of me, with whom I developed some hard won rapport. I didn't expect any words back, but at the end of our final class (*sniff*), they stood, and one of them read me this short note while I did an amazing job of mostly holding back tears.

I will always remember these particular graduating 3rd year classes. They taught me to never give up trying to teach even the more difficult students and to just get more creative and more patient and more focused on whatever successes until, just maybe, the magic happens and some of them come around and surprise you.
50/366 - March is Thank You and Goodbye


  1. That's a sweet note. Congrats to your graduating students, and good luck to your new ones.

  2. Aww, this is so sweet. You will never forget them either I guess!


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