Sunday, March 04, 2012

Mini Road Trip

If our dear Lotus is doing Weekly Winners this week, these are my best of those, even if they were all taken yesterday. Saturday turned into a mini road trip to Hinase. These are the highlights.
48(1)/366 - Drive
48(2)/366 - Spanning
48(3)/366 - Under the Train Bridge
48(4)/366 - Primary Colors
48(5)/366 - Purples and Blues and Pretty
48(6)/366 - Bay
48(7)/366 - Reflecting
48(8)/366 - Kaki (Oyster) Okonomiyaki to Be
(Hinase is famous for it's oysters, and now is the season)


  1. Those oysters sure look delicious! Great set this week Maggie, "Bay" and " Reflection" are my favorites, and I love the sunset.

  2. Love the bridge and marina shots. I have a love/hate with bridges. Love to photograph them, hate to ride over them.

  3. Those oysters ... OMG! I hate cooked oysters but ... I'd for SURE give those a try!


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