Monday, March 05, 2012

Under the Bridge, Down the Road, Not In the Ditches

(Funny enough, we studied prepositions today in my 2nd year class. Then I come out with this title and realize the connection after the fact and giggle at myself. I'm easily amused.)

Today was rainy off and on, so that means I walked, as I do on days like this. Snapped this quick picture on my iPhone while walking. If it looks almost familiar yet different, it's the same bridge, different street from the post linked above.

I mentioned back in the post about how I don't drive here that one of the things that looks so tough is the combination of narrow roads often lined with ditches. This road is a bit narrow, but not nearly as narrow as some that look more like bike paths. Until you see a car headed toward you. It's also lined on both sides with those ditches that (as I explained in that post) many of us call gaijin traps (gaijin = 外人 = literally, outside person = foreigner, so, basically, "foreigner traps," a term that just cracks some of my my Japanese friends up the first time they hear it). The real name is 溝 (mizo), and most of them are wider. And are on narrower roads. I've never seen a car stuck in one, and this is completely amazing to me.
49/366 - Under the bride, down the road, not in the ditches.
(taken on my iPhone, then toyed with just a bit for fun)

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  1. I LOVE this photo. Brigdges are a wonderful photo subject.


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