Tuesday, March 11, 2014

If It's March, It's a Blog Post

Of all the months, March is the one that brings me back here, a place I used to write, a place that felt like home somehow out in the public of the internet. Every March, I'm back and feel like maybe I should make some new resolution to get back into blogging. But, then, now there's my personal Facebook page for my thoughts. It fills the gap of self-expression, but, of course, it is different.


Today is March 11th in Japan already, the 3rd anniversary. I've already talked about this when it happened and as it was unfolding, and I woke up today just feeling the same things: relief that my friend and her children were alive and well, in shock at the images on TV that I still can't un-see even years later and heartbroken for all of the pain and fear and cold and sadness that so many had to endure. It still feels like yesterday. So many are still living in temporary housing, their lives on hold while the world moves forward. I just... I don't even have the words anymore.

On another day, maybe soon, I'll update what's been going on in life. First, though, today my heart and mind is with Japan, wishing I could wrap up everyone still hurting in my heart. Then at the end of the week is my mom's birthday on the 13th and the anniversary of her death on the 14th. Then there's graduation on the 15th. Like I said, there's enough going on in March to bring me here, this place where I can stop a moment to think and write. Maybe I'll be back tomorrow. If not soon, I'll likely be back this time next year. If anyone still reads this, I hope you are well.


  1. Yes, I am reading ;>) Found your beautiful blog a few weeks ago My thoughts are with you for the people in Japan.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, Marlies! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Aw, thank you, Missy! Thanks for stopping by. :)


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