Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Clean Update (with Decluttering)

Since I said hello again yesterday, I figured I'd go through my old and outdated About Maggie page and update with current stuff since a million things have changed since the last time I updated it. Not sure if anyone is still reading, but I still like having this space to be and to write, and a little spring cleaning feels nice this time of the year.

Speaking of...

I'll be moving out of my current apartment of 5 years (!) this summer, and there is just so much stuff that has accumulated. Some of it is junk left behind by others that was there when I got there, and some of it is stuff that I at some point thought I wanted or needed. Just going through little by little and seeing what all is there and then putting things into one of three piles

Dunno Yet

seems to the be best way to get any of it done. I've been reading a little about how to decide whether I actually want or need something I've been holding onto for so long so that I can best put things in the proper piles. Some of the best questions seem to be these:

Do I NEED NEED this?
Does it make me happy?
Does it add any value to my life?
Is it worth repairing/maintaining?

Of course, there are more really good questions to ask when actually de-cluttering physical junk, but the questions above have also been really helpful in de-cluttering my thoughts so that I choose which to give the most attention to in my mind. My mind races with a million thoughts and ideas and beliefs because that's what minds do, but that doesn't mean I have to assign high value to all of them or put them all in the pile to keep, especially if they don't add anything of value. This is what I've been learning from various situations over the past few years, and you know what? I feel lighter and more free than I ever have in my life.

This afternoon, I tackle a good chunk of that stack of papers on my desk.

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