Thursday, January 05, 2017

Hi. 2017. Dang.

Sometimes I really miss here. I know those days are gone, and clicking on links and remembering old blog pals makes it even more apparent, but we had some fun, didn't we, back then? So I just wanted to say hi. And write a haiku. I used to love writing haikus over here.

when you are watching
facts and faces change slowly
peek back later? dang!

If anyone is left to see this, I hope you are well. I should go update my About Me again, some day. It's been almost 3 years, and I've been married for almost two of them to someone I haven't introduced you too in my blog absence. He's great and cracks me up by being accidentally hilarious sometimes; you'd like him. I'm still in Japan, and the ticker at the bottom of this old blog keeps better track than I do. I just answer "forever" anymore when I'm asked now how long I've been here, but it's apparently 7 years, 5 months and 1 week. Sounds about right. I'm still cooking, something that started here on this blog, and I'm still more of a recipe-follower than a creator, but I've expanded quite a bit and am no longer at a loss when a recipe calls for "dashi" in a Japanese recipe (which is most Japanese recipes).

I remember why I loved this space and sometimes still miss it, even if I know it's like a beloved toy from childhood that I come across once in awhile and will pick up and remember enjoying but won't actually play with anymore in earnest. It's not that I'm any more mature (or, well, not that that's not the case, either, so many years later) or have outgrown blogging, but that time and technology have moved on. I share things/my Maggie-ness on Facebook with a not public audience because I'm over 40 in 2017, and that's just how it's done, but I do miss writing and sharing like this, too. I have a journal, of course, because I'm over 40 in 2017, but that's another kind of different. Maybe I'll pop in for a haiku now and then.

How are you?


  1. I often miss the blogging days too. I take a glance at blogs now, and they are soooo different. Now you have to be a way better photographer than writer. Not that I'm good at either, but I did enjoy rambling on my blog 'back in the day'. It was like a diary/journal/sounding board for me, and I miss that. People talk about how the internet has made people less connected, blah, blah, blah. But I think really, blogs made people more connected, to more people than just their immediate circle, and that's a good thing. But social media has taken over, and I'd had to agree that THAT has made people less connected. It's all about numbers (friends/likes/views) and speed (instagram, snapchat, twitter with it's limited characters). No room/time for connection there. :-(

    1. Sure is different, but I'm also better able to keep in touch about day to day stuff while scrolling along and hitting "like" much more than I could by visiting blogs and reading longer posts. Still, I miss that, too.

  2. Hieeeeee! Nice to see you back in your blogspace!


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